The 3 elements of the perfect bed
1/ The highest quality natural materials

Premium-quality wood from he foothills of the Alps. Horsehair and its unique properties. Wool, both warm and cooling, reacting to what your body needs at a particular time. High quality Swedich pocket springs provide the body with firm and even support. Our beds are manufactured only with certified natural materials.

The 3 elements of the perfect bed
2/ Rigorous experience of our craftsmen

Every detail, every stitch and fold of the fabric is created at the hands of our craftsmen. This means that every bed is an original, a work of art in your bedroom.

The 3 elements of the perfect bed
3/ The three layers of the perfect sleep

The topper, the mattress and the base. These are the three layers of the bed that turn your sleep into a well-deserved, deep and restful experience. The topper, serving as a top mattress, is the primary source of body temperature regulation during sleep. Our mattresses are made of the highest quality natural materials and while they also help regulate body heat, their pocket spring system ensures an even body support, resulting in improved blood circulation and better rest in less time. The base of the bed, or the bed frame, boasts another system of springs and guarantees a more comfortable sleep, never allowing you to feel the very bottom of the bed base.

We believe in accountability.
Nature is a gift, one that needs to be cared for.
We borrow the best it has to offer.
The highest quality.
Obtained respectfully.
We draw energy from nature.
And we give part of it back.
It is a never-ending symbiosis.
The circle of life.

Every single detail makes sense.
We are however constantly rethinking the details in spite of that.
We innovate and discover.
We do not stagnate.
New ideas drive us forward.

We create safe havens.
The perfect regeneration of the body and mind during sleep
is our incentive.
We know that a person well rested
goes on to have a more productive and meaningful day.

Product series


Atmo or nox in our favourite striped design. Six different colour options and purely organic cotton will turn your bed into an oasis of tranquillity.

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Why lay low when you can fall asleep on the clouds? Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freshness and comfort. Gently float away and let go of every single worry.

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Night-time. Here, the time stands still. Twinkling stars. Close your eyes, focus on yourself. No looking back. Let your thoughts flow freely. Let your imagination and desires take over.

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The perfect shape for a sublime place. A dream come true. And a challenge gracefully met by our skilled craftsmen.

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The highest-grade materials and responsible production are the cornerstones of our products’ quality. Every certificate we obtain becomes our new quality standard.
Why invest in a good sleep?
You spend more than 1/3 of your life in bed

A person spends one third of their life in bed without necessarily realising it. With an average lifespan of 76 years, we spend roughly 25 years in bed. This particular third of our life has a major impact on the remaining two, i.e. whether we spend it feeling shattered and not fully rested or beaming and full of energy. An investment in a good bed is essentially an investment in one’s good health.

Why invest in a good sleep?
You can design the bed of your dreams

It is just like buying a car. The only difference is that you will spend much more time in bed than in the car. You can choose how your bed will look – the style of the headboard upholstery or the colour of covering fabric. You can select the dimensions of the bed, including the height and composition of your mattress topper. Your bed can be tailor-made for your bedroom interior.

Why invest in a good sleep?
The quality of sleep over its quantity

It is said that the optimal time spent sleeping is 7 to 8 hours a day. Paradoxically, people who sleep longer show similar symptoms to people who are not getting enough sleep. Poor sleep negatively affects our mind and verbal skills. The length of our sleep impacts our entire day. However, the quality and the depth of the sleep is of higher importance. A bed of a better quality makes it possible to recharge much faster.

Why invest in a good sleep?
The B in bed stands for beginnings

The bed plays a crucial role in our lives. We take our first breath in it, as well as our last. It determines how we experience each day. How we feel in the morning and therefore how each new day starts. The bed is the place of all the significant beginnings.